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Data Foundations

Turn Data into Insights

Start building your data skills today by learning to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data with Excel, SQL, and Tableau.



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    3 Months

    Study 10 hrs/week and complete in 3 mo.

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    November 21, 2018
  • Prerequisites
    No experience required

    See prerequisites in detail

Why Take This Nanodegree Program?

This program is perfect for beginners. You’ll learn data analysis skills and tools that will help you throughout your career, whether you’re in engineering, sales, marketing, operations, etc. You’ll learn to use Excel, SQL, and Tableau to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data with the end goal of making better, data-informed decisions.

Why Take This Nanodegree Program?

The range of salaries for employees with data skills such as Excel, SQL, and Tableau

What You Will Learn

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Data Foundations

In this program, you’ll learn how to turn data into insights. You’ll learn how to analyze data using statistics and spreadsheets, query a database using SQL, and create beautiful data visualizations with Tableau.

In this program, you’ll learn how to turn data into insights. You’ll learn how to analyze data using statistics and spreadsheets, query a database using SQL, and create beautiful data visualizations with Tableau.

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3 months to complete

Prerequisite Knowledge

This is an introductory program and has no prerequisites. In order to succeed, we recommend having experience using a computer and being able to download and install applications. See detailed requirements.See detailed requirements.

  • Welcome to the Program

    In this part, you’ll get an orientation into using our classroom and services. You’ll also get advice for making the best use of your time while enrolled in this program.

    Interpret a Data Visualization
  • Introduction to Data

    Learn how to calculate statistics and build visuals used in industry to best display and communicate data insights. Develop proficiency in Microsoft Excel and master the skills necessary to inform decision makers and make an impact using data.

    Analyze Survey Data
  • SQL for Data Analysis

    Learn to use Structured Query Language (SQL) to extract and analyze data stored in databases.

    Query a Digital Music Store Database
  • Data Visualization

    Learn to apply design and visualization principles to create impactful data visualizations, build data dashboards, and tell stories with data.

    Build Data Dashboards

Learn with the best

Josh Bernhard
Josh Bernhard


Josh has been sharing his passion for data for nearly a decade at all levels of university, and as Lead Data Science Instructor at Galvanize. He's used data science for work ranging from cancer research to process automation.

Dana Sheahen
Dana Sheahen


Dana is an electrical engineer and computer scientist. She has many years of experience in industry working in software development and data analysis, and is excited to share her love of learning with Udacity students.

Mat Leonard
Mat Leonard


Mat, the Curriculum Lead, is a former physicist, neuroscientist, and data scientist with a passion for education. Recently, he led the Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation program covering state-of-the-art machine learning models.

Derek Steer
Derek Steer


Derek is the CEO of Mode Analytics. He developed an analytical foundation at Facebook and Yammer and is passionate about sharing it with future analysts. He authored SQL School and is a mentor at Insight Data Science.

Sam Nelson
Sam Nelson


Sam is the Product Lead for Udacity’s Data Analyst, Business Analyst, and Data Foundations programs. He’s worked as an analytics consultant on projects in several industries, and is passionate about helping others improve their data skills.

Jared Polivka
Jared Polivka


Jared is the Product Lead for Udacity’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning programs. He is passionate about democratizing education and spreading opportunity. Prior to Udacity, Jared worked at a data science bootcamp.


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3-Month Term
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Learn foundational data skills (Excel, SQL, Tableau) with personalized feedback from experts. Graduate in 3 months ready to apply your new skills!

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  • Why should I enroll in the Data Foundations Nanodegree program?
    Learning foundational data skills will have a positive impact on your career, regardless of your role, or field. In this program, you’ll master fundamental data analysis skills applicable to any industry or profession. You’ll discover why data-driven solutions are more effective, and learn to collect, organize, and analyze data efficiently using Excel and SQL. You’ll also explore data visualization with Tableau, and gain key skills that can support career advancement. This program is perfect for anyone looking to learn essential data analysis skills, and there are no prerequisites to enroll—beginners are welcome!
  • How do I know if this program is right for me?
    If you're new to working with data, and are excited to learn foundational data skills, then this program is definitely right for you! Whether you want to accelerate performance in a current role, learn data skills to land a new role, or just get your data fundamentals in place in advance of a future job search, this program offers everything you'll need to get on the path to data fluency. In addition, if you're interested in eventually enrolling in our Data Analyst or Business Analyst Nanodegree programs, this program will fully prepare you for entry into either.
  • What is the difference between the Data Foundations Nanodegree program, and the Data Analyst Nanodegree program?

    While both programs are full-featured Nanodegree programs offering the same suite of benefits and services—such as real-world projects, expert project review, mentorship, career guidance, and more—the two programs are designed to support students with differing degrees of experience and skill.

    Our Data Foundations Nanodegree program is for those new to data. It has no prerequisites, and beginners are welcome. In this program, you'll learn to use statistics, Excel, SQL, and Tableau to describe and analyze data. No previous programming experience is required. Graduates of this program will be prepared to put their data skills to work right away, and will also be qualified to enroll in either our Data Analyst or Business Analyst Nanodegree programs.

    Our Data Analyst Nanodegree program is for learners with intermediate data experience, who are ready to master the skills necessary to pursue full-time data science careers. Programming skills are taught in this program, and so it is ideal for those learners who wish to add programming to their data skillset. (We recommend our Business Analyst Nanodegree program if you wish to learn job-ready data skills without adding a programming component).

Data Foundations

Turn Data into Insights