Courses and Nanodegree Programs

Build Native Mobile Apps with Flutter
Learn from experts at Google how to use Flutter to craft high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android devices in record time.

In collaboration with:  Google

Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers
Learn the fundamentals of the Kotlin programming language from Kotlin experts at Google.

In collaboration with:  Google

Become an iOS Developer
Master the Swift programming language, and create a portfolio of iOS apps for iPhone and iPad to showcase your skills!

In collaboration with:  AT&T Lyft Google

Passwordless Login Solutions for iOS
In this course you'll implement Account Kit and Facebook Login side by side in a sample app, test our login flow on a series of common use cases, and wrap things up with an introduction to Facebook’s Graph API.

In collaboration with:  Facebook for Developers

Server-Side Swift
In this course, built in collaboration with IBM and Hashicorp, you'll learn how to use Swift as a server-side language for building end-to-end applications.
Learn Swift Programming Syntax
This course focuses on the syntax of the Swift programming language. By the end of the course, you'll be able to apply Swift essentials to building iOS apps.
How to Make an iOS App
Learn the process of building an app, taking your ideas from drawing board to App Store!
UX Design for Mobile Developers
This is a design course made for developers. You'll learn UX design skills which will help you make 5-star mobile apps that your users will love.

In collaboration with:  Google

Java Programming Basics
Take your first steps towards becoming a Java developer! Learn Java syntax and create conditional statements, loops, and functions.
Intro to iOS App Development with Swift
Take the first step in becoming an iOS Developer by learning about Swift and writing your first app.
UIKit Fundamentals
Learn the iOS UIKit framework, which is the cornerstone of creating user interfaces in all iOS apps and crucial for any iOS Developer to be intimately familiar with.
iOS Networking with Swift
Learn how to incorporate networking into your apps to access data from around the world. Build the On the Map app to share location and fun links with fellow students.
Grand Central Dispatch (GCD)
Learn how to prevent background operations from interfering with an app's UI by implementing Apple's GCD framework.
iOS Persistence and Core Data
Persisting data is a core skill for any iOS developer. Learn how to store app data to your device using three common techniques: NSUserDefaults, Sandbox, and Core Data.
Xcode Debugging
In this course, you'll learn standard methodologies for debugging software, and how to use Xcode's debugging tools to find and squash bugs.
Objective-C for Swift Developers
Learn the distinguishing language features of Objective-C. Practice Objective-C syntax by writing classes, and writing and calling methods.

In collaboration with:  Lyft Venmo

Firebase Analytics: iOS
Learn how to grow an app's user base using Firebase Analytics, a free and unlimited analytics solution

In collaboration with:  Google

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