InspireU Design Sprint

With collaboration with Udacity, InspireU is introducing this program to take your problem solving skills to the next level

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About the program

InspireU is STC’s program to promote digital innovation in Saudi Arabia.
At InspireU, we help entrepreneurs convert their business ideas into reality. We offer a comprehensive program that is comprised of world-class coaching, business development support, domestic and international exposure, non-refundable fund and a lot more.
We are launching an exclusive program for STC employees – Design Sprint 2.0, a unique problem solving process. In this 1 month program, you will learn from the creators of this process themselves the tools and techniques to develop innovative solutions.
Not only that they will learn one of the most valuable skill for career success, employees who will successfully complete this program will also be eligible to apply to join the InspireU program.

Why Learn the Design Sprint Process?

Popularized in Jake Knapp’s bestseller “Sprint,” the Design Sprint process has revolutionized how products are brought to market. Design firm AJ&Smart has created a Version 2.0 to design products for Lufthansa, Zalando, Red Bull, and more. Now, Udacity and AJ&Smart are combining forces so you can master the problem-solving power of design sprints!

Why Learn the Design Sprint Process?

Hundreds of companies use Product Design Sprints to solve big problems

In Collaboration with the Experts at


AJ&Smart is an international design agency that works with the best companies in the world to reshape their problem-solving processes. They have pioneered a cutting-edge version of the Design Sprint process which they’ve used to successfully design products for big companies everywhere. Now, the experts at AJ&Smart are combining forces with Udacity to teach problem-solvers in any field how to leverage the sprint method to accelerate success.

What You Will Learn


Design Sprint Foundation

Learn to use the Design Sprint process to test new business ideas, and produce better products, services, and strategies, faster. Learn what happens each day of the sprint process, and explore each participant’s role. Complete hands-on projects that recreate an actual Design Sprint using a “mock” company.

Master the Design Sprint Process

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1 month to complete

Prerequisite Knowledge

You should have basic computer skills and be comfortable navigating online.

  • Day 1: Creating “The Concept”

    You’ll begin by learning what happens on Day 1 of a Design Sprint: How to choose a challenge, and how to propose a solution, called a “Concept.”

    The Concept
  • Day 2: Creating “The Storyboard”

    To create The Prototype, a Design Sprint team has to delegate tasks, spend time building, and then put the parts together. You’ll learn how to contribute your piece of the puzzle.

    The Storyboard
  • Day 3: Creating “The Prototype”

    The Prototype
  • Day 4: User Testing!

    Here, you’ll learn how to prepare for user testing, how to actually conduct user testing, and how to summarize user testing feedback in a Summary Report.

    The Summary Report